Energy Bombs

Energy Bombssept

OK so why are these little balls of deliciousness so healthy and why are they going to provide energy!? Doesn’t a biscuit or a chocolate bar do that after all???  Er not quite in the same way or life would be way too easy! To be honest these ones don’t differ drastically to other recipe’s available but I always like to try things out, make sure they are straight forward and tweak things a bit….sometimes it works and anyway….here is why I chose the ingredients for this recipe which you may want to tweak yourself…

Dates…well there is no getting away from it dates are high in sugar and if we munched on them all day long they would rot our teeth and do nothing for balancing blood sugars. Plus probably have us running to the loo frequently! However they also have lots of health benefits eaten in moderation. They are easily digested which is great for absorbing their dietary fibre which is essential for good bowel habits and getting rid of cholesterol! They also supply a useful source of vitamins and minerals. They are even a source of iron!

Sesame seeds and cashew nuts are used in the recipe to ensure blood sugar balance alongside the sweetness of the dates. Cashew nuts are rich in protein which helps keep us full for longer and counteracts the blood sugar effect of the sweet dates. Cashew nuts are high in magnesium and full of good fats! Good fats are great for the brain and improve our healthy cholesterol levels. Sesame seeds are high in minerals, with really high levels of copper, critical for energy production.

The raw cacao doesn’t taste much different to cocoa powder (which can be used) but is packed with goodness from the bean of which some is lost in the Burnsville variety. Just to remind you raw chocolate is an antioxidant (that means cancer fighting) plus contains high levels of magnesium and iron.

Phew maybe they should be called Mystical Energy Bombs as they are pretty impressive!